MAGNIFY THURSDAY TREAT > Micaela Katelyn Govender

Hey sweetpea 😀 WE SHOWING OFF THE REAL YOUNGINS’ OF OUR CITY. I have the lovely job of introducing you to Micaela (16) from Durban. Let’s hear it for the young ones!


*What were some of the challenges you had to face in life?

One challenge of my life was when I had a health issue and doctors couldn’t give me a diagnosis.

*How did you overcome these challenges to get to where you are now?

I overcame these challenges by trusting God through it all.


*What are you fears?

My Parents

*What drives you to kill your fears?

There’s no getting over the fear of my parents

* What are your dreams?

My dream is to be a successful nurse one day


* Who/ What motivates you to keep chasing your dreams?

My Mum

*What is your biggest beef with the system of society?

My biggest beef with the system of society is that they don’t do enough about woman and child abuse.


*What are some of the solutions you would propose?

A stricter punishment for abuse

* Who’s your celebrity crush and why?

Zayn Malik, because he is very handsome and successful at a young age




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