Hey sweetpea 😀 WE SHOWING OFF THE REAL YOUNGINS’ OF OUR CITY. I have the lovely job of introducing you to Cherelle (16) from Durban. Let’s hear it for the young ones!


*What were some of the challenges you had to face in life?

Bullying (race and weight)
Not fitting in

*How did you overcome these challenges to get to where you are now?

Realizing that not fitting in is a blessing in disguise was the best thing ever.Being different wasn’t so bad as I grew up .Racism and being bullied  is something that makes you stronger it makes you more mentality stronger  (as Ronaldo says *Hate makes you stronger*


*What are you fears?

I have a fear of not achieving my goals

*What drives you to kill your fears?

I tell myself if they can do it so can I and that *Nothing is impossible*

* What are your dreams?

My dream is to leave a mark in this world and inspire others to follow their dreams


* Who/ What motivates you to keep chasing your dreams?

Seeing other people make it in this world from scratch, seeing people fight all odds to get where they want to be. (I Google success stories ,Wikipedia  *Zinadine Zidane,Alexis Sanchez , Ferida Pinto , Shakira Jennifer Lawrence etc.*

*What is your biggest beef with the system of society?

Society (people)like to confine bright ideas and dreams.Society makes you act and behave in a certain way whether you like it or not.I do not like to be confined or act like a puppet in a string dancing to the tunes of Society.I am an individual who doesn’t about “what society would say about my actions ” because society isn’t helping in any way


*What are some of the solutions you would propose?

For people in society to be less judgmental about individuals

* Who’s your celebrity crush and why?

Alexis Sanchez He is a talented footballer with really good looks




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