Hey sweetpea😀 WE SHOWING OFF THE REAL YOUNGINS’ OF OUR CITY. I have the lovely job of introducing you to Kholofelo Seotlo (20) from Limpopo at a village called Sedawa. Let’s hear what inspires her to keep it moving…

*What were some of the challenges you had to face in life?

Firstly, I struggled to go to Varsity in 2015, and had to take gap year due to lack of financial support. I had to look for a job so that I will be able to apply for Varsity. I struggled to get a job as people kept saying that I’m still young to work properly. This has let me down until I found a customer service job where I was receiving a stipend every month. I used this money to apply with and I got accepted at UKZN. I didn’t know the place and my parents didn’t want me to go there as they were saying it’s too far. However, I had to stand for myself as I wanted to study. I went to UKZN Howard college all by myself and fortunately I got everything covered even though it was tough at the first place.


 *What are you fears?

I usually fear to stand in front of people but I just tell myself that If the next person can do it – I also can do it. I have fear of failing. I usually overcome it by competing with those that work hard.

*What are your dreams?

I’m always dreaming of being a successful businesswomen and a good example to my community. Lastly I want to own a mansion on top of the mountain with 4 children.


* Who/ What motivates you to keep chasing your dreams?

Fortunate. I call her my aunt. She always motivates me. She’s there for me in every step of my life and I love her because she’s a good example to me as. she’s successful and that drives me to be like her.

*What is your biggest beef with the system of society?

Since I’m staying at rural areas – My community is facing manychallenges such as alcohol abuse by youth and teenagers, Hugh rate of illiteracy, teenage pregnancy, HIV /AIDS is high, high rate of dropping out and unemployment. As a future leader I’m involved in an NPO (UNIVERSAL YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROJECT) our mission is to empower youth through recreational activities such as monopoly, chess, netball, soccer, sarafina, career guidance, motivation at different schools and drama. We came up with these ideas and realized that they will keep youth away from useless things as they won’t have much time loitering around.


* Who’s your celebrity crush and why?

I don’t believe in such thing called crush, but I love Romeo from Scandal. He is so dedicated to his career and the way he talks is really nice.



11 thoughts on “MAGNIFY THURSDAY TREAT > Kholofelo Seotlo

  1. I’m glad to know I motivate someone in life,means I’m doing something right and on that point others are already/ getting motivated by what you also do. Big ups girl I’m really a proud aunt at the moment.


  2. I’m proud of you girl keep on striving for success nd keep motivating others to do well.I’m inspired.glad our paths crossed.keep up the good work


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